Six things we learned from Steve Urkel

I’m just a tiny bit obsessed with Steve Urkel, okay? I admit it. BUT WHO WOULDN’T BE? HE’S AWESOME. Here are six things we learned from Steven Q. Urkel.

  • Be confident in who you are.

The way Steve answers his phone displays his confidence in himself pretty well: “Urkel here. I’m hot, your not.”

Despite the amount of times that he’s teased for the way he talks, eats, acts, dresses and laughs, he never once gets down on himself and most likely has witty comeback for the situation. That’s amazing.

  • It’s okay to speak your mind and be honest.

Steve tells Harriette that she’s amazing because she keeps a spotless home and her fridge well stocked with liver and does this “all so effortlessly….” Most people would stop here, with the compliment. Not Steve. He continues – she does this so effortlessly with “no visible strain except for a droopy expression and slight bags under her eyes.”

You’ve got to love Steve’s honesty. It’s so sincere, somehow making it okay and so cute.

  • Learning is cool.

I learned about the existence of so many cheeses from Steve, what kind of fungus doesn’t grow on bacon and that the lack of respect of math “really frosts his behind.”

  • Have fun doing “your kind of fun”

Steve: “It’s Friday night. I’m feeling kind of wild and crazy. What do you say we all pile in the Isetta, cruise on down to Lake Michigan and skip some stones.”

Whatever your “wild and crazy” fun, you stick to it, gosh darn it.

  • Always be there for your friends.

Who doesn’t “LOL” at the fact that Steve asked one of Laura’s dates for three forms of identification, a thumb print and to “kindly step in the bathroom and fill this cup?”

Or, what about the time Steve sought out Carl to tell him that Laura’s new boy was trouble. In Steve’s words, “He’s a daredevil thug who blatantly disobeys the posted speed laws.” Oh, and he’s also seen him litter, too.

While this may have been in desperate attempt to keep boys away from the love of his live, I will always believe that Steve had the best intentions in mind.

  • Pursue the love of your life.

I love and admire Steve’s persistence in trying to make Laura his girlfriend. After many, many years, Laura finally realizes what a wonderful guy that Steve is and they get married. He’s a constant reminder to be brave, don’t hide your feelings and don’t settle.

Steve: “I know I’m not worthy of you, but I just can’t help loving you. It’s like wanting to touch a star. You know you’ll never reach it, but you’ve just got to keep trying.

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