LET’S BE REAL. Facebook is for stalking.

Eight years ago, I made a Facebook.

Actually, eight years ago, my brother made me a Facebook against my mother’s wishes.

Looking back over the years, the way I’ve used Facebook has changed drastically. As a junior in college, I tend to be a lot more conscious of what I post. Only the most attractive pictures can be posted (THANKS A LOT PEOPLE WHO TAG ME IN UNATTRACTIVE PICTURES), I can’t comment until it’s worded perfectly and I don’t tend to keep up with my good friends through Facebook.

So let’s be honest: stalking people is what Facebook is for.

Meet a cute guy or girl? Your mind immediately goes to this thought: let’s see if we can find them on Facebook. Then, we are either brave enough to send a friend request or decide there is no way anyone should put their-self out there like that.

Someone has a new boyfriend or girlfriend? What do we do? We go straight to Facebook to give our approval on looks. The whole “character” judging part can wait until later.

If I have a guy I like? Guess what I do? I go straight to Facebook to stalk his friends, family and WHAT IS THAT? A PICTURE WITH ANOTHER GIRL? By the time you’re done Facebook stalking, this girl’s address, major, favorite color and all her friends will also be known.

The thing is: people who have Facebook use it as a tool to judge others. I am definitely guilty of this. But the fact is that the things that people post are often a great indication of their character, their interests and their way of life. I kind of like having a glimpse of this.


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