Conversations with Grandpa

The conversations I have with my grandpa are the best. He absolutely cracks me up.

A quick bio about my grandpa: he’s a multi-millionaire but likes to go to the Dollar Store for all his needs. In addition this, you won’t find a speck of dirt in his house and he thinks that every task or chore needs to be done ASAP or better yet, yesterday.

I personally love how his go-to conversation starter with strangers is “where you live?” and how his favorite sunglasses are “women’s cheetah print.” (FYI: He doesn’t know this – I tried to tell him this once but mom says I’m not allowed to because he likes them and this small detail might sway his opinion on them.) To those who don’t know him, he might look intimidating; but he has a great heart and is one of the nicest people I know.

This conversation between my grandpa and my mom has always been my favorite.

Grandpa: How’d you feel off that sandwich last night?

Mom: I felt fine. Did you not feel good off it?

Grandpa: No, I felt fine.

My grandpa just wanted to make conversation; however, I believe this little exchange really shows his personality: simple and charming yet sometimes a little awkward – and I love it for that reason. What was it about this sandwich that possessed the qualities of “food that could maybe make you sick?” LOL! Love you gramps!

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