3 Funny Pet Questions from Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers can help us figure out solutions to all of life’s problems. Need to know if Subway or McDonald’s is better? Yahoo Answers can help. Need to know what to name your new cat? Yahoo Answers can provide suggestions.

Since anybody can post on this site, you sometimes see hilarious proposed questions and answers. Here are three of my favorite questions from the “Pets” category. Who asks these anyway?

Question #1: I identify as a bird. Do I have the right to poop on car windshields?

Consensus: Maybe.

One person said: “If you are, indeed, a bird, as you say, you would know that birds have no impulse control when it comes to pooping. It just happens. They are unable to target anything with their poop. Man – for someone who identifies as a bird, you don’t seem to know much about them.” Another person said, “Yes. According to Obama, the information on your birth certificate is irrelevant.”

Alright, then.

Question #2: There is a peacock on my roof. Is that good or bad?


One user said: “They will tear up your roof, terrorize any guests that come to your house, dig up your garden, wake you up all hours of the night and early morning with the most horrendous sound you’ve ever heard.”

Wow… that all sounds pretty bad. Are there any benefits?

According to the same person, you won’t have any snails or pests around the yard but they will tear up the plants in the process. Door-to-door sales people or annoying neighbors will avoid your house.

Question #3: Do cats poop gold?

First, what’s with the poop questions? Consensus: Maybe.

One person said: “Yes, in fact cats poop all kind of jewelry like silver, bronze, and Donald Trump hair.” Another says only if you feed them gold or jewelry.

Thank gosh we now know the answers to these questions.

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