The Titanic or Olympic?

I have not met a soul who isn’t fascinated by the ship disaster of 1912, the Titanic (or at least has not enjoyed the movie- two words: Leonardo DiCaprio… every girls dream guy).

Can you imagine being on that ship April 14th, 1912? The ship deemed unsinkable couldn’t be sinking. It wasn’t until I watched James Cameron’s, Titanic (1997), that I received that terrifying and heartbreaking visual to what passengers aboard may have faced that night.

I recently saw a talk by John Hamer proposing that the Olympic, Titanic’s sister ship, was actually the ship that sunk in the Atlantic Ocean that night- all a part of an insurance scam and to get rid of the wealthy folks aboard who were against the creation of a U.S. Central bank (which would hurt their own wealth). The passengers weren’t supposed to get hurt. Another ship, the Californian was supposed to be nearby to rescue the passengers.

There are still many unanswered questions about the Titanic. While some will say that the information in this video can’t possibly be true, this was definitely an interesting, thought-provoking video that may change the way you look at the Titanic.

Watch the whole talk here, and give me your thoughts on this subject! Check out the British and U.S. government inquiries and witness accounts after the incident.


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